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This is an unofficial, English-language wiki encyclopedia for the Cookie Run: OvenBreak mobile game. This content is not affiliated, sponsored or approved by Devsisters.

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Cookie Run: OvenBreak (Hangul: 쿠키런) is a 2016 endless runner game developed by Devsisters and published for iOS and Android. It is a free-to-play gacha game featuring a variety of characters, items, cosmetics, and stages. It follows the journey of GingerBrave and his friends as they escape the Witch's oven in search of a Cookie paradise. Along the way they meet new friends, terrifying foes, and discover amazing places and stories.

Current Update

Time Relic Chaos! (2024)

29 March 2024, 01:00 UTC ~ 28 April 2024, 23:00 UTC

Grand Champions League: Lemon Season

4 April ~ 28 April 2024

Land's End: Time Relic Chaos Season

28 March 2024 ~ 27 May 2024

Random Challenge: Lustrous Longan Palace Season

21 March 2024 ~ 22 April 2024

Guild Runs: Ready, Action! Movie Season

28 February ~ 13 March 2024

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